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Fish Catcher Spirit

Height 46cm x Width 46cm

Mixed Media on Wood

© Berni Ayreart

NRN# 000-1411-0154-01

Exhibit# 11

Day At The Beach!

Height 60cm x Width 80cm

Other Medium on Hardwood

© Berni Ayreart

NRN# 000-1411-0170-01

Exhibit# 10


Outlets Co-operative Neighbourhood House Ltd

Adult Education PreAccredited courses Health and Wellbeing plus Occasional Childcare

Pt Lonsdale Seascape

Height 60cm x Width 95cm

Mixed Media on Hardwood

© Berni Ayreart

NRN# 000-1411-0173-01

Exhibit# 12


  • Bendigo Bank
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Newport